A Day Trip to Paradise Valley

The palm tree lined oasis of Paradise Valley lies in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and offers you the perfect chance to rest your surf muscles and spend a day hiking through the valley, wild swimming in the natural water pools and soaking up some sunshine - getting some of that essential Vitamin D!

We think Paradise Valley makes for a really great day trip option giving you the chance to explore the mountainous inland landscapes of the Agadir region.

Getting there

Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley Shaka Surf Morocco

Setting off from our base in Tamraght, it is roughly a 45 minute drive to Paradise Valley, travelling though the heart of our neighbouring village, Aourir and on inland through the mountainous and more rural countryside. Relax and enjoy this scenic route, taking time to watch how the landscape changes and some big vista views. On the way we will pass a women’s argan co-operative and herbal gardens - this is a great place to learn a little more about the argan harvesting process and local production of both cosmetic and cooking argan oils. This is an optional stopping point, with a tour and a shop for purchasing products - it is also a good point to use the toilet facilities.

The Valley

Paradise Valley Shaka Surf Morocco
Paradise Valley Shaka Surf Morocco

On arrival, we will leave the car behind in the car park and head down into the valley by foot. It is roughly a thirty minute walk down into Paradise Valley, the path can be a little rocky and uneven so we would advise that it is best done in trainers, but it is also possible to do it in flip flops for those more adventurous hikers! Following small footpaths, our end destination is where the surrounds open up marking the beginning of the natural rock pools. At this point, we will also put our Tagine order in at our favourite local cafe, giving the traditional dish time to slow cook and infuse while we enjoy the valley! Spend your time exploring the many natural water pools, relaxing in the sun on the surrounding rocks, or jumping into the water for a wild swim. It is important to note that there is little natural shade from the sun whilst in the pools, so we would advise you bring a hat just in case.

The Food

Paradise Valley day trip shaka surf
Paradise Valley Day Trip.JPG

When we are done with exploring and swimming, we will start to head out from the pools and make a final stop for a delicious Moroccan tagine. Dive into this slow cooked meal and savour the flavours of this speciality dish, served with a side of freshly baked bread. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the bohemian cafes while you sip on your Moroccan mint tea. Spend time to re-boot and re-fuel before we hike back out of the valley and back to the car for our return back to our coastal home in the village of Tamraght.

Paradise Valley - Shaka Surf Morocco

Suggested items to bring…

  • Swimwear

  • Suncream

  • Hat

  • Towel

  • Money

  • Comfortable shoes for walking in

  • Camera