Why Every Surfer Should Visit Morocco

Morocco is a diverse and beautiful country. With year round swell and over 300 days of sunshine a year, coupled with it's warm and welcoming culture, Morocco is a must visit destination for any surfer! Here are our top six reasons why we think Morocco should be on your travel radar....

1. Easy to reach from Europe

Flying to Morocco from Europe is getting easier and easier, with major budget airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Transavia offering flexible and affordable flights to Morocco. Savvy travellers will be able to find flights from as little as £30 one way from London direct to Agadir (our local airport).   

2. Year round surf

Surfing Morocco

Morocco is a perfect year round surf destination for all levels of surfer with its wide range of surf spots, from beach breaks through to point breaks, a surf day here is never the same as the one before. For big wave seekers, the winter season is the prime time to visit whilst for beginner and improver surfers there's suitable swell all year round.

3. The Food

Moroccan food - fresh, seasonal and delicious! Tagine is a Moroccan speciality and an experience not to miss whilst here. This slowed cooked meal (be it fish, chicken or vegetable based), is traditionally cooked in a heavy clay pot over an open fire or hot coals, providing the perfect hearty meal after days surf. Tagine, just one of our many favourite dishes!

4. Winter Sun

Morocco is your perfect winter escape with beautifully clear and sunny days and cooler temperatures in the evenings, there's no place we'd rather be! Come join us, and shake off those winter blues. 

5. Moroccan Time

Enjoy a more relaxed pace of life by embracing the concept of "Moroccan time" - taking time to enjoy the simple things, a walk on the beach, a beautiful sunset or good conversation over a pot of mint tea. Forget your worries at home and slip into this peaceful pace of life. 

6. Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan mint tea, otherwise know as "Moroccan whisky"or "Berber Whisky" is the most commonly consumed drink. This tea, ritually prepared, poured and drunk on a daily basis, is a central part of social life and an important part of Moroccan culture, signifying friendship and hospitality. It's a must drink for anyone visiting, and a perfect post surf treat.