Why Learn to Surf in Morocco

We think Morocco is one of the best places to learn to surf in the world and here's why...

Consistent waves, year round

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Blessed with year round waves Morocco is a perfect destination for all levels of surfer. For those learning to surf, the consistency of small to medium sized surf is the one of the great advantages of the particular section of the coast where we are based. 

Sandy bottomed beach breaks


Along the coastline there are various surf breaks for all levels but we take all our beginner surfers to sandy bottomed beach breaks which are ideal for learning to surf as the waves break over a soft sand bottom. 



With over 300 days of sunshine a year and a temperate climate, Morocco is the perfect year round destination for sunshine and surf! Come learn to surf under the Moroccan sun.

Beach life

surfing morocco

Because you never know who you may run into at the beach! Check out this herd of camels spotted crossing one of our local beach breaks last summer.

What are you waiting for!

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Always wanted to give surfing a try? Love the ocean, sunshine and trying new things? Come learn to surf with us in Morocco! We're just a drop in the ocean away. Find out more about our beginner surf packages here 


Use the code BLOG10 when booking and we'll give you 10% off your booking...