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For those days when you want to take a break from the waves and spend some time exploring, here are our top recommendations...

paradise valley

Discover a different side to Morocco as you step away from the ocean and head inland, driving forty minutes through the Atlas Mountains to reach Paradise Valley. Hiking down to the valley through the palm trees, rock pools, rivers to reach these the famous natural water pools and rock jumps. After a short hike down into the valley, you will have free time to explore, swim and soak up the rays, and whilst you are doing this a traditional tagine lunch will be prepared, ready for you to eat on the way out. We also make a stop on the way to Paradise Valley at a women's commune to learn about how argan oil, both culinary and cosmetic (a specialty of this region) is harvested and produced. 

PRICE: 20 EURO PER PERSON (minimum of 3 people) 


Imsouane is home to one of the longest right hand waves in Africa and one of our favourite surf spots. After driving for an hour and a half north, along the coastal road and winding up the mountain roads you drop down into the village, where you will see, it has a great mix of it's traditional fishing roots, and growing surf culture.

PRICE: FREE (all of our week long packages include an optional day trip to Imsouane) 


Take a day trip to explore the beautiful relaxed seaside town of Essaouira, know for its arts scene, laid back bohemian vibe and delicious fresh fish. Take a walk around the outer medina of the town and explore the ancient sea front ramparts and old brass canons lining these protective walls. The peaceful inner medina offers up a maze of streets home to many galleries, shops and cafes. Visit the vibrant fishing port and sample some of the days local catch at the fish market, and after this why not take a stroll on the beach.


All of the above can all be arranged upon arrival but feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions or want to know more about any of these trips.